‘I will search for you and I will braai you!’ – strong warning to Msholozo’s killer

‘I will search for you and I will braai you!’ – strong warning to Msholozo’s killer

By jonk wa Mashamba

An emotional and angry patroller said he will braai the killer of Thulane Msholozi Zuma if found.

The touching funeral of Msholozi, who was shot and killed along with other patrollers in ext8 recently, was held at Sankopano Hall on Sunday, August 20th.

“I will search for you, find you and will braai you. If you are here, you must get me first. If you want to kill us, kill us… we are ready, but we will also fight,” he said.

The patroller, known to Alex Reporter, blamed parents who were against the collections of R20 by patrollers.

“If you think we are abusing you as patrollers, stay with your R20 than bad-mouthing us. Patrolling is not volunteering, it’s a calling like being a Sangoma,” he said.

Mthokozisi Khambule, one of the patrollers, pledged that they would not back down. “The spirit of Thulane and other fallen patrollers shall never be forgotten. We will stand our ground.”

Khambule who blamed the government for not supporting the patrollers financially, said they were against the postponed march by Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Ms Faith Mazibuko.

The march themed ‘Reclaiming The Night March’ was inviting local girls to wear miniskirt and tights.

” No one is supporting us. We are only supported by the community. This ANC is saying to us, our kids should wear miniskirts and march in the night. Faith Mazibuko, we can never tolerate that thing, not in the spirit of Thulane.”

Zonal chair of the ANC, Tefo Raphadu, who is also ward 105 councillor where Thulane stayed told mourners that Msholozi was his soldier.

“Whenever I needed somebody to solve cases, Thulane would go. Indeed, a spear has fallen for the family. But the spear has also fallen for the community as well.

“Ours as the community is to pick up that spear and emulate his ways and deeds. Thulane was one dedicated somebody, one fearless somebody.

“At Far East, if you would do something against Thulane, they would kill you because of the sacrifice and dedication that he gave to the community.

“That’s why he eventually joined patrollers because he was active from the beginning. The love that we have for him will forever live in our minds and hearts, because he touched us and we lived with him.”

Raphadu refuted claims that members of the ANC were campaigning at the funeral.

“There’s no ANC member that is campaigning here. We are here as the ANC to mourn our own person and member in the way that we want to mourn him.

“He might be a patroller, but those who knew Thulane, everyday he was wearing an ANC T-shirt because of the love that he had for the organisation. So today let us not divorce each other,” he said.

Maureen Tshoke who closely worked with Msholozi as his deputy said he groomed her. ” I’m still saying this, am not backing down. They say many are called but few are chosen. Unfortunately, I was the chosen one.”

She said that she was a living testimony as she was nearly killed that fateful day. “I’m a living testimony. I’m a survivor, I survived bullets. I’m not backing down. Today I’m strong and fear nothing.”

Tshoke pleaded with the youth, known as ama 2000 to join patrollers. “Come…let’s fight for Alexandra,” she said.

Msholozi, the father of seven, was buried at Waterfall Cemetery on Sunday.

Pics by Mashamba Media.

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