Tshepo stabbed three times by his drunk sister and died on the spot while protecting his niece

By Staff Reporter

They are siblings who may once have watched out for one another. But right now the brother is in the mortuary while his sister is being held in a dark police cell.

Tshepo Lamfithi, 30, was stabbed to death by his own sister, while trying to protect his niece – her daughter – from his sister’s vicious beatings.

The suspect’s daughter gave her account of the incident to Cynthia Sindiswa Msibi, 40, the suspect and Tshepo’s sister.

Cynthia, who’s from Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, told Scrolla.Africa that her brother and her sister got into a vicious argument on Sunday night. This culminated in Tshepo’s death.

Cynthia said her sister went out for a drink with a group of friends. “When she came back, she started hitting her 16-year-old daughter, who ran to her uncle for protection.”

While Tshepo was telling his sister not to beat up her daughter, she grabbed the teenager by her hair and pulled her out of her uncle’s room.

Cynthia said this did not sit well with Tshepo, who witnessed every minute of the violent abuse.

“He pushed our sister away from my niece, that’s when my sister went to the kitchen to grab a knife,” Cynthia said.

Apparently, the enraged sister screamed to her daughter that, between her and her brother, one would die that night.

Cynthia said Tshepo died for protecting their sister’s daughter from her abusive mother.

Cynthia Sindiswa Msibi, 40.
Cynthia Sindiswa Msibi, 40.

“She stabbed Tshepo three times in his upper body and he died in the yard,” said Cynthia.

After killing her brother, Cynthia said her sister went to their cousin’s residence some streets away and confessed to killing Tshepo.

The teenager remained in the house, as she watched her uncle taking his last gasp of air.

Alexandra police spokesman Sergeant Simphiwe Mbatha confirmed that a suspect handed herself to the police.

“She appeared in the Alexandra Magistrates Court on Tuesday on murder charges,” Mbatha said.

This article was first published by our sister publication Scrolla.Africa

Brother stabbed to death for protecting his niece from beatings by her mother

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