Thugs cornered in Alex for robing meet trucks

By Staff Reporter

Police in Alexandra recovered three trucks full of meat on Tuesday that had been hijacked in Springs.

After the trucks were stolen police managed to track them down to three separate locations in Alex.

When police arrived at each of the scenes, they caught some of the suspects red-handed unloading cuts of beef and pork. You could say their goose had been cooked!

Two suspects were arrested on the scene, while others made a run for it.

As well as the cargo, Johannesburg Metro Police and the South African Police Service recovered six firearms at the scenes.

When Scrolla.Africa arrived at a location where one of the trucks was parked, officials were seen carrying meat on their shoulders back into the trucks.

Hungry spectators stood along one of the streets and watched as the authorities searched nearby properties for the stashed-away cargo.

Some of the residents even joked that the weekend braai had been cancelled!

Metro Police Department spokesperson Xolani Fihla confirmed that two suspects were arrested in Alexandra for a truck hijacking.

“Upon further investigation firearms and ammunition were recovered from one of the suspect’s houses,” he said.

He said authorities are still investigating and the number of suspects could increase.

One resident said that the meat thieves had asked him to help him unload one of the trucks. Unaware he was dealing with hijackers, he agreed.

The unfortunate good samaritan was carrying a cut of meat when the cops pulled up!

“They asked us to be searched before telling us to move out of their way,” he told Scrolla.Africa.

“That time we didn’t know what was happening. Soon a convoy of police officials arrived and the offloading halted.”

At one of the other locations, police reportedly fired two warning shots on arrival.

This story was first published  by Scrolla.Africa. Pics Supplied.

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