Sithole and her team committed to ensuring that every corner in Alex has patrollers

Sithole and her team committed to ensuring that every corner in Alex has patrollers

By Jonk wa Mashamba

Tracy Sithole started working with the Alex community two years ago when she realized that crime and gender-based violence were getting worse day by day.

She is a CPF sector 3 Chairperson. Born in Alexandra in 1987, she is committed to tackling crime head on with her Sector 3 executive who reports to the CPF mother Board.

Recently, she mobilized members of the community looking for patrollers.

“We’re trying to add patrollers to the six blocks that we have in our sector. I know we can’t end crime in Alexandra, but we are reducing it in double.

“And another thing is that we can’t fix damages of the past in two months, but in future I see Alexandra becoming a free-crime Township.

“My message to the patrollers is: Let us follow the rules of the Alexandra Community Policing Forum and be brave to protect our township.

“There is no need to sit back and look at our township where we raise our kids or where we will leave our kids get damaged.”

Sithole was very outspoken in warning criminals.

“It is not late to change your behavior. However, we are not going to leave you walking outside freely while you are abusing the community. Wanya Tsotsi Wanya,” she said in reference to the slogan used by the patrol vessels.

She added that they were fighting to delete Alexandra from the list of high risk locations.

” If we can work together as a community with our police station, we can be free residents.

“Remember the number of police we have can’t handle the whole of Alexandra. We need to assist our police station and the police station should assist us.”

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