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Multi award gospel star, Sipho Makhabane was allegedly hijacked. The incident happened at about 9:00 am, on Monday, 19 February at Booysen Street, Johannesburg.

“I was driving my bakkie when a white car passed and flashed a blue light in front of me. It looked like a police vehicle and there were three people inside it in civilian clothes.

” They stopped me and I respected them. I jumped off the car and approached them. As I was busy talking to them a second car with two men inside came and jammed my bakkie. They jumped off their car and shoved me inside the first car,” Makhabane explained.

At that point he realized he was being hijacked. “I tried fighting them off but they were just too many. They demanded my car keys and cellphone which I freely gave to them. Then they drove away with me. They assaulted me and one of them was kicking me in the eyes,” he said.

His wallet, bank cards, passports and ID card were stolen “One of them pointed a gun at me and demanded pin codes for all the bank cards.

“After this they increased my daily limits. I could hear my phone getting multiple notifications and I couldn’t do nothing. I’m not sure where they took my car but I know they removed the tracker. As a result my car cannot be located,” he recalled.

After three hours they dumped him in a forest at Natalspruit. “I had to find my way to the main road. Fortunately a good Samaritan recognized me and picked me up. He took me to the banks where I managed to stop the cards. By this time they’d already emptied all my bank accounts,” said Makhabane.

“I’m still traumatized and I’m still receiving medical attention. I also want to warn South Africans to be careful on the road because crime is just too high. These thugs are pretending to be police. After this incident I don’t think I’ll be able to stop for a police vehicle,” he said.

He said he opened a case of hijack at Booysen Police Station.

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