Ministers vow to volunteer their time and clean Kyalami Corner shopping center every week

Staff Reporter

Despite lockdown regulations easing down, a dedicated team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers insists on keeping their community safe by sanitizing Kyalami corner shopping center every week.


This week, they visited their local shopping center and sanitized it once more in an effort to keep Kyalami Corner shoppers and the community safe, a duty they have carried weekly since 2020.


Spending hundreds of thousands of hours trying to keep their neighbors protected, they also regularly sanitized local schools, houses, halls, community facilities and more around the Kyalami area to make sure their community is as safe as possible from this virus.


The shopping complex, a busy hub where Kyalami residents do their shopping for necessities, could act as a high risk cross contamination spot if not sanitized frequently.


“Our whole humanitarian purpose is to help people. And since covid hit at, we have been finding all kinds of ways we could assist,” Said Alice Zalabakova of the local NPO.


After they sanitized the center, a staff member from @Home in Kyalami Corner thanked the Volunteers profusely.


“We feel so safe coming to work as a result of what you have been doing! I can’t believe how dedicated you are to helping others.”


One of the staff at Earthbound said, “Do you work like every day? Wow! This is unbelievable! God bless you and keep you safe wherever you go every day!”


One restaurant manager thanked the NPO saying, “Oh, thank you so much. I am so glad to see you. You just took the burden off my shoulders now. Now I feel like we are safe again. I cannot thank you enough.”


​According to Alice, the team of hundreds of volunteers travelled across the country and sanitized more than 68,000 buildings, including government offices, army bases, municipality buildings, clinics and hospitals, orphanages, shelters. ​

This does not include the over 1.2 million taxis, buses, ambulances, fire trucks and more throughout all levels of lockdown.


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