Couple wasn’t aware they were sleeping with a python. Just look up on this pic, it’s shocking! 

By Staff Reporter

“When I looked up it was a python on our roof, we slept with it the previous night”

A suspected water leak turned out to be a python chilling in the roof of a couple’s bedroom during a visit to the Kruger National Park (KNP).

KNP spokesperson Isaac Phaahla told TimesLIVE the couple saw the snake in their Satara camp bedroom after returning from lunch and management was notified.

“Management immediately called in rangers to attend to the snake. The couple were offered another unit which they accepted and checked out the next morning,” said Phaahla.

Given that this was not the first incident of a visitor finding a snake in a bedroom in the park, Phaahla said trees close to visitors’ rooms were being pruned.

“Management is pruning trees closer to the visitors’ units and closing holes which have been opened by squirrels with wire mesh.”

Phaahla said such incidents did not happen often at the park.

“The KNP is a unique wilderness area and these incidents do happen, but all efforts are made to ensure visitor safety.”

The visitor, Mica Bafatakis, shared on social media how she discovered the python.

“My boyfriend and I were staying at Satara and we went to have a lie down in the afternoon. When water fell from the ceiling on my boyfriend’s leg, we reported a water leak to reception and went for a beer.”

The suspected water leak turned out to be liquid from the python moving around the roof support.

“When we came back, I wanted to double check the roof as I had a suspicion of a snake. When I looked up it was a python on our roof, we slept with it the previous night,” she said.

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