Lesego is a gifted entrepreneur who can manufacture cleaning detergents without formal education

By Tonic Mr Lee

LC Cosmetics and Projects is an initiative by Lesego Tshitlho who manufactures her own products.

The company was established in 2023 and is located in Matlhako 1, Pudimoe, in Greater Taung Municipality, North West.

Lesego, the owner of Restoration products, says she would like to have her own store based on cleaning detergents, cosmetics, car products, and other projects.

“I can manufacture all cleaning detergents, such as dishwashing liquid, pine gel, bleach, fabric softener, washing powder, Handy Andy, carpet shampoo, car wax, silicone tire shiner, and dashboard shiner. I can also make candles,” she says.

The dedicated woman with passion for what she does says after she started selling for people, she decided to establish her own brand, Restoration.

“I would like to supply wholesalers, schools, and other organizations. But the challenge I am facing is that I went to other wholesalers and the managers do not want the new brands in their stores. But I hope they will change their minds in the future,” says the optimistic woman.

Asked how his love for manufacturing came about, she said it happened last year.

“I fell in love with manufacturing early in 2023 when I met Fancy Sapphire Cosmetics. The lady helped me create my own perfume brand. It was called Lesego Cee Fragrance,” says the woman who doesn’t have any qualification on the manufacturing.

” I gained the experience in Thabo eKgolo Organisation. I started attending manufacturing training at Zeerust under Thabo e Kgolo.

“It’s an organisation that travel the whole country helping people to have their own business in manufacturing their own products,” said Lesego who works with her little brother.

“In a few years, I want to see myself having a factory and supplying all over the world.

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