Tomorrow there would be a march to police station following a closure of 64 tarvens by Alex police

By Jonk wa Mashamba

Tomorrow, the disgruntled business people whose alcohol was confiscated allegedly by the Alex police will embark on another peaceful march to the police station from 09:00am.

This is to raise their concerns about what they call bullying by the police.

A radio presenter who is known to always voice his opinion without fear or favor, Adam Damons, came out guns blazing and called the Alex police commander arrogant!

Fearless radio presenter, Adam Damons
Fearless radio presenter, Adam Damons

According to him, the act of confiscating alcohol from owners who have legal permits from the liquor board to sell while waiting for their license was a form of bullying.

During a briefing for gender-based violence stakeholders held at Alex Mall on February 28,
Alexandra SAPS commander Brigadier Albert Maphoto said he was worried about the excessive consumption of alcohol in Alex.

” Whether you like it or not, alcohol is a problem. What is it that’s in the alcohol?”

Maphoto said that alcohol was a contributing factor in the majority of incidents of gender-based violence and sexual offenses reported at Alex police station.

He said that since he took over the Alex police station in September last year, 64 illegal shebeens and unlicensed tarvens were closed down.

He said the big elephant in the room was fake permits.

Percy Ramusho, the Regional Court Control Prosecutor in Alex (NPA), said that there were about 300 liquor outlets in Alex.

And all these events have angered Adam, who called Maphoto arrogant.

“His bullying and disrespectful manner to the community is uncalled for. He has been having numerous meetings with community leaders, and his arrogance is appalling.

“Today we had a meeting and gathered at the police station. The attitude that the other police officers have it’s disturbing and they should be public servants.

“Legal businesses that have correct permits must be granted the right to continue business as usual, and those who need correct documentation must follow the correct procedure.

“When we arrived at the police station immediately after the alcohol was confiscated, some of the expensive whisky bottles were missing. Imagine they are also stealing from people who are trying to make a living while they are earning a salary from our hard-earned taxes.”

He asked for the matter to be escalated, saying he was also sending it to the police commissioner and the Liquor Board.

“We need their intervention and we will not rest until a law is brought against the station commander, as he does not deserve to serve the community of Alexandra Township.

“He must return to his previous township. This is unacceptable, and we will not be threatened. Liquor board team, we urgently need your intervention as the person you sent last week advised they will provide feedback and they were nowhere to be found which is also an alarming factor.

“These businesses have produced advocates, doctors, soldiers etc and we are allowing one man who thinks he is above the law to tarnish it? We will not stand by and allow this to happen.

“If it means that this must reach our Minister Bheki Cele and the Hawks because of the lawlessness the Alex police are doing to the community, thinking they are above the law, we will fight.”

However, Adam said they were coming in peace as members of the community of Alexandra.

“The commander and his team are incompetent as they cannot identify the valid permits or the illegal ones. Then they have the nerve of stealing from the poor… they should be arrested and the keys thrown away. It is tiring seeing such theft from the people who must be serving and protecting us.

“We have been patient, and we are getting tired now. We need a resolution urgently without any bloodshed.”

Adam Damons can be reaches on 0741999998.

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