By Tonic Mr Lee

The CJC students (Alex campus) have embarked on a protest and disrupted learning this morning, following their grievances that they alleged were not addressed.

The student representatives said they are extremely angry and will not proceed with any talk with the management if most of their demands are not addressed.

“The management is aware of these issues and are not new to them. That is why we decided to take this matter to the streets,” reads the memorandum.

The students have alleged that they took all the necessary steps to get the management to address their issues, but they have failed dismally.

” That’s why we are requesting these issues to be addressed as in yesterday,” said the memorandum.

Former student president at CJC (Alex Branch) Reuben ‘Venom’ Ngobeni (27) said that he was arrested by police for holding tyres.

He stated to Alex Reporter that they were conducting a peaceful protest when he was arrested by the police.

“Unfortunately, there are some people in the college who want to deal with me, said Venom, the EFF Student Command, currently doing N3 in Mechanical Engineering.

Venom was arrested with Sifundo Buthelezi (24) who is also a student studying Electrical Engineering N2.

The students who vowed that no production will take place until the issues are addressed demand the following:
* Textbooks
* Study material
* Stationary
* Outstanding fees that NSFAS needs to pay for students tuition
* New NSFAS system that rejects 60% of students
* 3 permanent generators in our campus
* Lectures
* Enough cleaners
* The registration issues to be resolved.

“Failure to address this agent issues the leadership of students and sub-structures from different
political organization will continue with the shut-down,” said
chairperson, KI Mmutle.

Venom alleged that they were promised books to be delivered last week. He said they might not be delivered soon because CJC owes the printing company close to R800 000.

School management wasn’t reached for comment at the time of going to print.

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