Alex patrollers accused of killing Vusi

By Jonk wa Mashamba

Vusi Nyembe, originally from Zola in Soweto, was single with no kids and allegedly stayed alone in Alex.

His parents are deceased. His elder sister and a younger brother are reportedly in Zola.

According to the allegations, Vusi was beaten by the patrollers after they allegedly accused him of pointing a gun at a local woman. He was allegedly always drinking with her at a local tarven at 117-16th avenues, Alex.

He reportedly succumbed to his injuries in a clinic.

“The matter was reported to the police and I heard the woman has been arrested,” alleged the source.

The source described Vusi as “a jolly person but problematic nyana when drunk but not to a point of violence”.

“He talked too much, he was a noise maker, a lover of Ballards and loved to dance,” said our mole.

“My massage to the patrollers from 14th is that their way of disciplining is totally wrong,” said the deep-throat.

Asked why the  woman was arrested, the source alleged ,” I’m thinking that because she is the one who called the patrollers to beat him. She stays at 16th too,  just 3 yards away.”

King Tsonga, the man who calls himself leader of all patrollers in Alex said: “Truly speaking, I don’t know anything about this. I will have to ask other patrollers that side. I will come back to you.

“I need more information so that I can get you the right information, because this is bad,” he said.

Spokesperson for Alex Police, Vongani Mbalati said,” Iam still on leave, I will try and check it out with w/o Londoni.”

Developing story.

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