Zahara’s Fiancé Mpho Xaba was by her bedside when she died

Zahara’s Fiancé Mpho Xaba was by her bedside when she died

By Mashamba Media

The Loliwe hitmaker was admitted in a private hospital with liver complications two weeks ago. A source close to the muso told Sunday World that the singer passed away just before 9pm.

“The family will release a statement soon. She was with Mpho when she passed away,” the source added.

Mkutukana family spokesperson and Zahara’s cousin Oyama Dyosiba said he was struggling to locate Xaba on Monday night.

“I am getting calls from everywhere. I am in Cape Town and doing my best to get hold of Mpho. I can’t get hold of him,” he added.

A week ago, the family confirmed that Zahara was hospitalised for a week.

They thanked those supporting them and expressing compassion for the then ailing musician. This after reports the singer was rushed to hospital due to “liver complications”.

The statement read: “Unfortunately, even though our daughter’s hospitalisation has been of strict confidentiality within our family and close friends, that hasn’t stopped the spread of disingenuous information on the internet. We want to stress that any reliable information regarding Zahara’s health will be communicated via her official social media platforms or by herself.”

The singer’s family from East London also arrived in Joburg to be by the singer’s fiancé, Xaba’s, side.

Zahara was admitted to a medical ward but her condition became worse and she was transferred to the ICU section of the private hospital.

Last week, the singer’s situation deteriorated and she was reportedly unresponsive.

Hit albums and awards

Zahara released five hot selling studio albums, from double platinum debut Loliwe (2011) to Nqaba Yam (2021), peaked at number 1 on iTunes.

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) expressed its deepest sorrow at the
news of the passing of Bulelwa “Zahara” Mkutukana, an illustrious musical icon whose
influence on the South African music landscape was unparalleled.

” Ms. Mkutukana,
fondly known as Zahara, was not only a national treasure but a global phenomenon,
garnering multiple awards for her exceptional talent and musical contributions. Zahara’s journey from the Eastern Cape to international stardom exemplifies the
transformative power of art and culture in our society.

“Her soulful voice, poignant lyrics, and unwavering dedication to her craft earned her acclaim not only within our borders
but across continents.

“As we mourn the loss of this great artist, the African Transformation Movement reflects
on the significance of Zahara’s legacy and the broader impact of the arts on our national identity.

“Her achievements underscore the need for continued support and
recognition of our artists on both local and international platforms.

“Zahara’s accomplishments are vast, making her a source of inspiration for aspiring
musicians and a symbol of excellence for the South African music industry,” said the ATM national spokesperson, Zama Ntshona.

Ntshona said the ATM calls upon the nation to remember Zahara not only for her musical prowess
but also for the broader message she conveyed through her art – a message of unity,
resilience, and cultural pride.

“The African Transformation Movement extends its condolences to Zahara’s family, friends, and fans during this difficult time. Zahara’s legacy will forever be etched in the
annals of South African music history, serving as a testament to the transformative
power of  expression,” said Ntshona.

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