WATCH: Wild dog bites tourist on the bum while she was relaxing

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When going on holiday, a person expects to have a relaxing experience while also enjoying everything the place you are visiting has to offer.

But as we see so often in South Africa, sometimes tourists and nature just don’t gel as well as they should.

In Australia, things have gotten quite intense between the visiting tourists and the local dingo population. Dingoes, also called wongari, might be a legendary wild dog found on the continent, but they have been causing major issues lately.

The Queensland Department of Environment has had to issue several warnings about dingoes becoming aggressive towards people who are visiting a popular Australian beach.

K’gari Island, previously called Fraser Island, is an idyllic location that is a tourist hotspot, but recently the visiting tourists have been plagued by some serious dingo activity as the wild dogs have become quite comfortable interacting with humans.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) has had a reason for concern as a separate incident was reported that a 10-year-old boy was bitten and dragged underwater by dingoes. The boy was rescued by his sister, but has puncture wounds on his shoulder and arm.

It might seem laughable, but a French tourist on the island was trying to get some sun when a curious dingo approached and as she tried to get away, it snapped at her lower half. You can see the footage👆👆 (SkyNews)

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