Godfrey, an Alexandra philanthropist, recommends that people should stop stressing, but should share their problems with others

Godfrey, an Alexandra philanthropist, recommends that people should stop stressing, but should share their problems with others

By Jonk wa Mashamba

“Many of us normally focus on stressing other than finding solution .This can lead to drugs and alcohol abuse.

“Come and share your problems and get solutions,” said Tshilidzi Godfrey Mashamba, founder of Mashamba Trading and Projects Pty Ltd and Stop Stressing Group.

Mashamba, who recently helped the Alex community deal with stress in a park, highlighted that there were numerous factors that cause stress: Unemployment, family challenges, being under lots of pressure, if you are worried about something, not having much or any control over the outcome of a situation, having responsibilities that you find overwhelming or not having change in your life.

Mashamba pointed out that if stress is not handled properly, it can increase your risk for a variety of physical and health problems, such as anxiety, depression, digestive issues, headaches, muscle tension and pain, heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep problems, weight gain, and memory and concentration impairment.

“Step 1: Identify whether you are stressed; step 2: identify your stressor; step 3: identify the reason for the stressor; step 4: identify and apply an appropriate stress management strategy.

“It is important to take your body out of the fight or flight response system each day by doing something that puts it in the rest and relaxation system,” he said.

Mashamba, a talented young man born in Venda in Limpopo, grew up in Alexandra Township.

He attended school at Bovert Primary, Realogile High, and later took N+ and A+ courses at PC Training and Business College.

After finishing his studies, he was involved in a horrific coincidence that left him in a wheelchair. He said that caused him a lot of depression.

He revealed to Alex Reporter that he hid himself for two years without going out.

“After my accident , I developed a lot of anger that led me to hate people because it was the people who put me in the wheelchair.

“Forgiving myself and everyone who wronged me took two years.”

Before the accident , he used to say that he could become whatever he wanted because God blessed him with many talents.

Mashamba’s acceptance of his condition has had a significant positive impact on communities.

His project involves procuring shoes for school students who are disadvantaged and delivering food packages to deserving members of the community.

He also hosts events that offer skills development to people and help the homeless.

“Our team consists of me, a lady, and four male members. We fund all of our programs with the limited resources we have.

“I started doing charity work, bought people groceries and paid school funds for those who do not have money. When I visit homeless people, I interview them and ask if they need help.”

He mentioned that there are individuals who wish to attend school, but the circumstances prevent them from doing so. For example, you will find a young man selling ice on the street of Alexandra while other children are at school because that child has responsibilities to support his family.

Mashamba is a descendant of a family that never spoke about love, had love for one another, or demonstrated love towards each other. Nonetheless, his uncle and mother were the ones who influenced him.

He has a powerful message for someone: “If one door closes, use that momentum to kick another door open. There are times when things don’t work out, and if it’s not exactly where or how you want it, alter it.

“You will be surprised at how much power you have when you fight for what you want.

“Achieving the life you dream of is not always a smooth ride. That doesn’t mean that things won’t work out in the end.

“Sometimes all we need is a minor change in our plans or to fight against negativity, and find success on another road less traveled.”

He is planning to host the next event on December 16th. “This is a request from people who attended the previous event,” he said.

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