These are unbelievably horrible crimes that left almost all residents shocked in Alexandra this week

By Jonk wa Mashamba (Editor-in-Chief)

Alex Police Station Commander Brig Lindiwe Magudulela said on 2022-02-10,  Crime Intelligence kept observation at 10th Ave Alexandra and noticed that a drug a lord was selling drugs as a lot of drug addicts were coming to buy drugs from him.


Two days later, the Crime intelligence and Alexandra Intervention team members, conducted an operation and arrested the suspect  for dealing in drugs at 10th Avenue. They confiscated the following: 1x scale, Rock, Crystal meth, and Mandrax tablets and dagga. The value of drugs is R50000.

Magudulela said police were out in full force. “They made two more arrests for dealing in drugs. One at 3rd Avenue and another at 14th avenue. Dealers arrested today so far is four,” said Magudulela.


CRIME 1: Carjacking


Ameid Horun Mohamed of Mayfair alleged that on 2022/02/10 at about 12:20 he was driving along 16th avenue Alexandra when his  vehicle was blocked by an Avanza in front.


Four black men got out of the car and drove towards their vehicle. One of the criminals fired a shot in the air. After that, they pointed him and his crew with firearms and took from the driver R2.000.00), mobile phone Nokia worth R500.00.


After committing the crime, they took the vehicle away and it was found on 19th Avenue, not far from the scene. The vehicle was taken to Aeroton and fingerprints were also taken. The vehicle worth R70.


CRIME 2: Robbery with firearms


Collen Ngomani of Germiston, alleged that on 2022/02/10 at approximately 13:00 he was driving along an Oyster street in Alexandra with a company vehicle when he was approached by three unknown African males who pointed him with a firearm.


The thugs turned towards the rear of the vehicle and opened the canopy, which was unlocked. They took two parcels of Take A Lot  and vanished.


“The suspects are unknown in this case. The complainant can hardly point the suspects and he doesn’t know how much the parcels worth,” says Mbatha.

CRIME 3: Hijacking and attempted murder


Tebogo Malatji of   7th avenue Alexandra alleges that on 2022/02/03  at about 20:15, he was driving Toyota Adana along Phil Machitele street and cnr  Ricardo street with two passengers.


As he was driving, a man sitting in front of him pointed a gun and Malatjie stopped the vehicle. He was quick to get out of the car with the keys when he was shot in the stomach.


According to Alexandra Police spokesperson,  the thugs took the keys from him and left with the vehicle. “The also took his cell phone Huawei Y5 worth R1600 and vehicle worth R70.000.00.


“The suspect are unknown in this case. The complainant was taken to Edenvale Hospital in the ICU and the vehicle is not yet recovered,” Mbatha said.



CRIME 4. House robbery


Miss Sanelisiwe Yawu of 14th avenue Alexandra alleged that on 2022/02/08  at approximately 02;20 she was in her  place, sleeping with her sister Simoyela Yawa and her child.


Suddenly, they were woken up by a big bang on the door of their room and two unknown African men armed with firearms entered their room. They pointed them with guns, ordered them to sleep and not make any noise.


They took Samsung cell phone, black color worth R3800 and toiletry bag. The suspects were wearing caps and are not known in this matter.


CRIME 5:  Carjacking


Tumelo Themba from Vosloorus alleged that on 22/02/09, at approximately 1:45 pm, he was at 18 Alexandra Avenue with a company vehicle delivering a package to a client.


Mbatha said that while he was there, waiting for a client, two unknown black men showed up and one of them pulled a gun on him and demanded the keys of the car.


“One of the criminals who was not in possession of the firearm searched him and took his two  cell phones, which is Huawei, Sumsang and keys of the vehicle. They drove off with the vehicle. The vehicle worth R150000.00,” said Mbatha.


The suspects are unknown in this case and the victim can’t identify or point them because they were wearing masks during the robbery. The value of the Samsung is worth R3800 whereas the Huawei P30 is valued at R4000.00.


CRIME 7: Carjacking


Bhekifa Momen Mnguni East Rand alleged that on 2022/02/09  at approximately 13:00, he was driving along the N3, approaching the off ramp Marlboro with a company vehicle when he was stopped by two motor vehicles that looked like police vehicles.


It was one private white sedan and one open bakkie. He stopped and three smartly dressed black men approached and took the car keys and threw him in the back seat of the Quantum he was driving.


According to Mbatha, they drove off with him  to Eldorado Park (Jamina) where they dumped him and also took the company cell phone XR Light Blue-Ish worth R23.000.00.


They also took his wallet containing driver’s license, bank card, medical aid and sped up with the vehicle. “He was assisted by a certain young man who took him to Eldorado Police Station for assistance and  later Alexandra SAPS. The Quantum value is three hundred thousand. The suspects are unknown  and he can’t recognize them because he was instructed  to face down,” said Mbatha.


CRIME 8:Carjacking


Mr. Stuart Hasking of Port Elizabeth alleged that on 2022/02/10 at approximately 14:00 he was driving along  Cnr 10th avenue and John Brandt Street with his vehicle when he was approached by two black males who pointed him with firearms.


They dragged him out of the vehicle and went away with the vehicle. They also took his cell phone Samsung S9 worth R10.000.00, Samsung J7 worth 5.000.09, HP Printer worth 5.000.00, personal clothing worth R2.000.00 and R300.00 inside the wallet including bank card and drivers license.


Hasking alleged that criminals were wearing dark glasses and he could not identify them. The vehicle does not have a tracker and is worth R50,000.00 .

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