Tella Roze educates on suicide prevention using music as communication tool

By Given Motswiane

Koketso Ricky Molepo was born in 1996 in a suburb called Glen Hazel , on the outskirts of Alexandra.

The extremely talented muso who is professionally known as Tella Roze, has a new initiative in Music.

Through this initiative, Tella Rose will break down barriers and raise awareness on mental health and suicide prevention using his music as a tool of communication in his community.

At the age of 13 ,Tella Roze was a regular guest in music studios as well as movie studios mainly Sasani Studios in Johannesburg.

Watching Big Nuz, Lvovo Dirango, Pro Kid, HHP excelling in their career, inspired him to partake in the music industry as he felt he had the “Swag” , the Lingo and respect around the city and his community of Glen Hazel.

He discovered his music career when he was asked by a group of musicians in 2008 to join their crew (Esoteric Crew), making him the youngest member in the group.

“I wrote a song on the spot, recorded it together with the crew and from then I gained respect for dominating the song,” said Tella.

“Rapping requires inspiration, and therefore rappers wait for inspiration to strike, then belt out amazing lyrics.

“However, with me it is not so. I am able to create lyrics from within and without having to be inspired, which is one of my greatest strengths,” he says.

Tella Roze wanted to change the status quo and by bringing in a fresh perspective about Rap music and rappers in general. He mentioned that he had been working on a new project that would take the music industry by storm with his latest song titled ‘New York’.

The Song New York was Tella Roze’s way to be the voice of his people and putting it out there to the rest of the world along his community alerting them that he knows his people are foreign and scattered all over the world.

The first verse says, ‘Nigga, we Putt with New York, all of my people are heavenly in love,’ will mesmerize you.

“Putt is a word we use when we play golf and if we putt with New York, it simply means we are playing on the same green/field, no one is superior and no one is inferior; we are just us.

“The music is out from all the digital platforms and the support from my community will be appreciated ,”concluded Tella.

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