“Stop spreading lies about Lucky,” relative of slain former Kaizer Chief  soccer star said

Lucky Maselesele. (Photo: Gallo Images)

By Jonk wa Mashamba

Alex Reporter recently reported that former Kaizer Chiefs player, Lucky Maselesele was killed in Alex for stealing electric cables.

This was after a City Power senior official shared the information detailing how the soccer star was murdered. The official also alleged that Lucky had abused substance.

This report angered a family relative. The relative who asked to remain anonymous as he wasn’t authorized to speak to the media, indicated that the whole stories about lucky was a big liar.

“He was killed by  four boys.  Even us the family we don’t know why they killed lucky like a dog, so please stop spreading lies like Sunday world and  City Press.  This people are vultures.

“Even the police  never found anything from lucky. So please stop spreading lies about lucky.”

Everson Luhanga of Scrolla.Africa spoke to the family and this is what he wrote:

Maselesele has been beaten to death by a mob in Alexandra.

Maselesele was accused by community members of stealing electric cables to feed his drug addiction.

Alexandra police have confirmed that two suspects have been arrested.

Lucky’s close friends say he was struggling with drug addiction and was associating with the wrong people.

In recent years, Lucky had been active in motivating young players to refrain from an expensive lifestyle that doesn’t suit their pockets.

He was also advising young people in the community to stay away from drugs, by telling them that he was the first Premier Soccer League player to test positive for cocaine during his playing days.

Lucky’s aunt Maria Masize told Scrolla.Africa that his death shocked their family as they are still mourning the death of his mother Sophia Maselesele, who died of a stroke three weeks ago. She was 64.

Maria said four people attacked Lucky on Wednesday night.

“We don’t know the motive of the attack because no one has come forward to us to tell us why he was attacked,” she said.

Four men stoned Lucky with heavy bricks. “Most of the bricks landed on his head and it looked crushed and swollen when we went to identify it at the Hillbrow government mortuary.”

Lucky was lying unconscious after being stoned, according to a woman who came to tell the family about how Lucky died.

“They left him on the road and while he was trying hard to get help and be rescued. But the men brought two pit bulls and unleashed them on him.

“While the pit bulls bit Lucky, the men kept on throwing stones at him. When the ambulance arrived with the police, he was certified dead on the same spot,” said Maria.

The men who attacked Lucky wanted him dead, she added. “How did they have to go and fetch the dogs to finish him?

“If this was a robbery as some may claim, we haven’t heard from the police to tell us whether he was found in possession of any stolen items,” she said.

Lucky was close to his mother, Maria remembered. “He was a mama’s boy. His mother loved him to bits. He also loved his mother. Since his mother’s death three weeks ago, he hasn’t been well. It affected him.”

Maria asked people to bring evidence that Lucky was stealing power cables. “As a family, we need confirmation from those claiming that he was killed for stealing power cables. Maybe the police will have that information. We don’t know.”

Lucky’s former coach Muhsin Ertugal tweeted that he was “deeply saddened” to hear that Lucky Maselesele had passed away.

“I am thankful to have shared such great memories that I will carry forever, your way was short but very strong. RIP Son.”

Alexandra police station head Brigadier Lindiwe Magudulela said Alexandra detectives are investigating a murder case.

Lucky’s family pleaded with the nation to help them with resources to bury him.

“We have just buried his mother. We don’t have resources. If anyone can help, we will appreciate it,” she said.

Source:  Scrolla.Africa

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