Patriotic Alliance will deal with issues of housing, title deeds, crime, the influx of illegal foreigners…

By Jonk wa Mashamba

While all political parties continue to attract voters with never-ending promises, the Patriotic Alliance (PA) has also joined the convoy.


However, the party only asks for a chance to turn its manifesto into reality.


Thabiso Makwela, one of the four candidate councillors Alex Reporter spoke to, outlined the promises his party would deliver if it won in the local elections.


“What makes Patriotic Alliance different from other political parties is that PA is in the heart of politics, not the art of politics.


“This means that we are looking at the bread and butter issue that citizen are facing every day. We are rendering services, are not delivering services.”

Makwela said the reason why people must vote for PA come the 1 first of November, was that ” we believe that people must now start to vote for the future, not the past, especially the youth.


“So people must give us a chance to can deal with the housing issue, title deed issue in Alex, crime, illegal foreigns.


“We will remove all the debts of people so that they start from zero to pay for services, such as water, electricity and lights, he said.


Some of the local PA councillor candidates are:

Mr. Nathi Cindi, ward76,
Mr. Muntu Mbanjwa, ward 91,
Mr. Sibusiso Sebeko, ward 105,
Mr Thabiso Makwela, ward 108, and
Mr. Simon Lebelo, ward 116.

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