Nyaope boys run after causing frightening fire

Nyaope boys run after causing frightening fire

Nyaope boys run after causing frightening fire

By Jonk wa Mashamba

A massive fire, reportedly caused by nyaoepe boys, almost burnt churches on 20 Avenue, London Road.

The horrible smoke, which could be seen all the way to the Pan African Mall in the early hours of 13 June 2021, sent a shockwave to the residents, mistaking it for burning snacks.

The area is inhabited by almost nine churches.

When our team arrived at the scene , some worshippers had just arrived for the Sunday church service.

While some continued with singing and praised their God, others tried to estinguish the fire before they could worship.

The followers who talked to Alex Reporter anonymously said the boys caused the fire.

“The nyaoepe boys were looking for wires from tyres. But after the fire became huge, they ran away,” alleged a man of God.

Another member of a church vowed to stop the controversial boys from burning anything in this area.


Nu World building , a home appliance plant in Wynberg, was engulfed in flames for the forth time

This building near the Shell Garage, close to the Pan African shopping center, caught fire for the fourth time on April 04, 2021.

According to the information at hand, the building has been occupied by vagrants since it burnt down on the 22 January  this year.

It is alleged that after a drug overdose, one of the homeless men fell off the roof and died instantly.

It’s believed the dirty boys were digging for electrical wires, which could have caused the fire.



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