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Chris Mthethwa (30) abandoned his bail application at the Cullinan Magistrates Court. He is facing a charge of rape and murder.

It is alleged that on 24 March 2024, Mthethwa arranged to meet with his cousin Owami Visagie (17). Later that day at about 20H00

According to spokesperson for NPA, Lumka Mahanjana, Mthethwa went to fetch the deceased from her boyfriend’s place and went with her to his empty employer’s house, where he was employed as a gardener, responsible for maintaining the yard and cutting grass.

When they arrived, it is alleged that Mthethwa raped and killed the deceased. Later that night at about 22H00 Mthethwa went to the deceased home pretending to be looking for her.

“The following day on 25 March 2024, the mother of the deceased started looking for the deceased and went to the boyfriend’s place to enquire about the whereabouts of the deceased.

“The boyfriend then informed them that the deceased left with Mthethwa. The mother then opened a missing persons case at the police station and started looking for Mthethwa and went to the house where Mthethwa was a garner and found the lifeless body of the deceased with her hands and feet tied with a cloth inserted on her mouth.

“When Mthethwa heard that the community was looking for him he handed himself over to the police when he was arrested and remanded in custody. After he abandoned his bail application, the matter was postponed to 21 May 2024 for further investigations,” said Mahanjana.

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