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Shiamo Bindela (29) from Kagiso in Mogale City is a recovered substance user who is currently working as a chef in one of the biggest mining companies in South Africa, Harmony Gold.

Bindela bought a Volkswagen Polo car recently, which surprised his mother who was always crying because of his substance abuse.

Bindela expresses his happiness in making his mother smile.
“I was a problem child until a Social Worker from the Gauteng Department of Social Development named Nomonde came to my rescue.

“Little did I know that one day I will be preparing food for executives in a big mine,” explains Bindela with a smile.

“In 2020, sister Nomonde invited me to their office in Krugersdorp, where she offered me counseling and sent me to a drug rehabilitation center.

“After completing a six-week program, I was taken to Bambisandla Sam’ Skills Development centre in Wedela, where I was trained as a chef.

“Today I cannot believe that I receive a monthly salary, own a new car and work for big company in the country. I never thought I would recover. I had lost hope in everything, but after counseling and putting my foot at Bambisandla Sam’s doorstep, everything came to light,” he said.

Bindela, who calls himself ‘Fancy Chef’ said there is always a second chance in life where people need to take it very seriously.

Every day, he felt pain seeing his mother cry, and he also wanted to quit, but peer pressure was a major obstacle.

When he started his training at Bambisandla Sam, his mother was always there to support him. It was a surprise when he showed her his new car.

Bindela said he wanted to improve his studies, and he went back to college, where he studies theory.

Bindela started to take life seriously when he became an intern in one of the corporate companies in Sandton.

He said in Sandton the beautiful people and beautiful buildings inspired him the most to be where he is today.

“I would like to thank Sister Nomonde, who was always there for me and making follow-ups in all my activities.

“I would like to encourage those who are still abusing substances to think about tomorrow and their families . It is never too late to change for the better,” said Bindela.

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