“Don’t give up on your dreams. Dream until you reach your goals,” says Ndleleni, president of Nqamakwe Parliament

“Don’t give up on your dreams. Dream until you reach your goals,” says Ndleleni, president of Nqamakwe Parliament

By Jonk wa Mashamba

Meet the International speaker, motivator, community leader or builder, the son of the soil, Minister of the gospel, the President of Nqamakwe Parliament and the featured actor.

Alex Reporter is  delighted to announce that Mthobeli Ndleleni and his team are leading to Johannesburg Theatre on September 30, 2023 for the South African Heroes Awards whereby thier organization has been nominated in the category of Rural Development.

Through Nqamakwe Parliament, a non profit organization, Ndleleni is passion to see development in his community.

He is keen on developing and empowering young people with skills, not only in Nqamakwe, where he comes from, but throughout South Africa. He was born and raised in the township referred to as Nqamakwe.

“As a leader with a vision, through the work that I have done so far, my mind has told me that I should do something for my hometown.

“Due to my background in the rural area, I made the decision to call my NPO Nqamakwe Parliament to demonstrate that background doesn’t matter. What matters is what you desire to see in the future.

“I wanted to demonstrate that in the Eastern Cape province, there are leaders who have aided and uplifted others through their work. There are many political leaders who come from there as well.

“I am that person who wants to send the same message that the Eastern Cape still has leadership,” he said.

He said he was honored that some of leaders who are in high power or positions see Nqamakwe Parliament as the messiah of this day.

He said in his community, people needed leadership of his caliber. Before forming the Nqamakwe Parliament, he had worked with different organizations, which had an impact on his life as well.

Ndleleni saw his potential when he met great leaders as he was a councillor candidate for 2021 in the Local election.

He said Nqamakwe Parliament has already impacted lives.

He mentioned that his NPO has begun expanding to other locations such as Lusikisiki, Bizana, Cacadu, Comfivamba, and Qheberha, all in the Eastern Cape province.

“As a visionary person I told some of the leadership to do the same. But they will be thier own, because I might not know thier needs because every place has its own challenges.

“After I spoke to them we started to register for Lusikisiki Parliament, the second registered Parliament.

“Our aim is to give hope to the hopeless and ensure that vital information is shared with the community. Because most people lack information related to job opportunities.

“So far, we have managed to send job opportunities and take some artists for TV and radio interviews so that their works can be seen.

“The biggest challenge we have is dealing with big radio stations. We still need to work more so that we can have a relationship with them. They should understand that we are pushing the upcoming artists so that their crafts will be showcased.

Ms. Yolisa Faku, the President of Lusikisiki Parliament, is among the four directors who make up the Nqamakwe Parliament.
Mrs Nobukhosi Molo, the President of Bizana Parliament and Mr Mnjoli, chairman of
Cacadu & Comfivamba, Mr Liwabe, who is a chief in his area of
Qheberha and Mr Phindile Nala.

To those who want to cast their last votes, they can do so by SMSing SAHA NQAMAKWE to 47439 .

“Thanks for your vote and all the leaders in the ministry, community and everyone who knows me.

“Family, friends, news papers, TV and radio stations, colleagues and South Africans at large, thank you for your support,” he said.

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