Big Zulu reacts to death prophecy that he could die in car accident

Big Zulu reacts to death prophecy that he could die in car accident

By Staff Reporter

‘There are things that are not in my power’ — Big Zulu responds on ‘death prophecy’ about him.

Big Zulu has reacted to a “prophet” predicting he could be involved in a car accident soon.

In a video shared on social media a “prophet” claims he saw the artist in a vision where he was in a car with blood, asking his congregation to keep him in their prayers because it could possibly happen in March or April.

The Mali Eningi hit maker responded to the post, saying while he was grateful for the prayers he was content knowing not all things are in his control.

“Siyabonga kakhulu ngomthandazo kodwa khona izinto ezingekho kwawam amandla (Thank you very much for the prayer but there are things that are not in my power),” he wrote.

There have been many self-proclaimed “prophets” and pastors who have gone public with their prophecies about the future of people in the spotlight.

Celebrities have weighed in on church leaders delivering unsolicited prophecies and dreams before.

Last August, late rapper AKA said he believed “prophets” were instilling fear in people through their “unrequested prophecies”.

“People need to stop scaring others by offering their unwanted and unrequested ‘prophecies’ and ‘dreams’, absolutely randomly. God is a God of love and warmth, not fear.

“Anyone who tries to scare you or make you fearful is not a messenger of God. You will know God’s voice,” he wrote on Twitter.

Amid pastor Alph Lukau making world headlines in 2019 when claiming he resurrected a man from the dead, media personality Lerato Kganyago said many pastors were taking advantage of people who were easily persuaded.

“These priests! … They prey on the desperate and the gullible,” she wrote.

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