JBM FC is looking for sponsors and you can be the help they need

By Jonk Mashamba

JBM FC head coach Nkateko Tsumela (Kiddo) says he is happy with his team. But the sole impediment is the lack of sponsors.

Alex Reporter had a meeting with Kiddo during the team’s training at Altrek sports ground. He says his club participates in the ABC Motsepe League, previously called Vodacom League.

“Currently we are number 10 on the log, which is a good standing. We want to see our team at Mvela Leaque. We will try and work hard every day. This is our third season in the ABC Motsepe League,” he said, adding that they desperately need help.

“We are in need of a sponsor. We need apples, bananas, and some other fruits. There are players who don’t have money to buy bread after the session. I have to make a sacrifice and give them fruits, and it’s difficult.”

With the little he has, Kiddo financially takes care of some players from Tembisa and Soweto as they have no money from home to attend training sessions on a regular basis in Alex.

Please reach Kiddo on 062 495 3920.

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