By Tonic Mr Lee

Alexandra Parliament, in collaboration with the office of Councillor Adolph Marema of Ward116, invites you to a school holiday program.

This much-anticipated event will take place on Saturday from 7 am until 6 pm at number 25-15th avenue in Alex.

The office of the Councillor is hosting a school holiday program for the community of ward 116, to curb social issues affecting the community, in particular young people during school holidays.

The intention of the program is to address the injustices caused by the lack of social transformation.

“We have witnessed the assimilation of scholars into crime, drug addiction, prostitution and lack of social development due to the lack of programs that transform their lives during the school holidays.

“This deterioration of grit, morale and self-determination is something that we can no longer stand to watch and observe,” said Marema.

Marema said the program will comprise various activities such as a fun walk, indigenous games, motivational speakers, and many more.

1. 07h00am-09h00am = Fun Walk around the ward, with jumping castles and fun
2. 09h00-11h30= Motivational speakers to offer, financial literacy and entrepreneurship and
youth empowerment.
3. 12h00-14h00 = Arts and Culture performances and indigenous activities.
4. 14h00-18h00 = serving of food and beverages as well as social engagements.

As part of the youth and entrepreneurship empowerment, the office of the councillor plans to
donate 10 start up packages to young people who wish to start nail and beauty businesses, bulk
cleaning materials such as litter pickers, brooms and plastics and any form of business start-up
package “our residents may need”.

“This is to assist residents of ward 116 to capitalize on the Township economy policy that is being implemented by the provincial government,” Marema said.

He said key focus areas of this event were business and youth empowerment which aim at curbing the burden of poverty and increase economic participation in a
sense of business ownership or employability.

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