By Mashamba Media

Dennis Bloem, member of Activists and Citizens Forum vows to meet with the Lyttleton Police Detective Unit tomorrow to demand that the Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation David Mahlobo, who was the former Minister of State Security Agency (SSA), be arrested and be charged.

According to Bloem, on 4 July 2022, more than a year ago, “we laid corruption charges against him. To date, there is no movement in the case”.

He said the way in which the government was dealing with the Zondo Commission Report was totally unacceptable.

“It cannot be business as usual. The allegations contained in the report of the judicial commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture (Zondo Commission) are of a very serious nature.

“The looting and abuse of taxpayers’ money under the guise of State Security, must never be tolerated in the country. It is dangerous. Therefore, we are expecting that the police will take the case seriously and act against Mahlobo.”

Bloem said that some of the allegations against Mahlobo in the Zondo Commission Report “are that Mr Mahlobo involved himself in operational matters at State Security Agency and that large amounts of cash were delivered to him on several occasions”.

“It is alleged that Mr Mahlobo gave former President Jacob Zuma millions of rands.

“We cannot understand why the police are dragging their feet in such a serious case. We want to see action taken against all those fingered in the Zondo Commission Report. To us, the implementation of the Zondo Commission’s recommendations must be priority.

“We share the concerns of Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that if nothing drastic is done to act against this rampant corruption, nothing will be left to the future generation,” said Bloem.

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