A book called ‘My Body My Choice’ contains much needed information you cannot live without 


By Jonk wa Mashamba


According to author Mongi Maphipha, the book “MY BODY MY CHOICE” was inspired by the annual campaign spearheaded by Global Health Strategy which educates women about the choice of termination of Pregnancy.

Mongi said the book is also inspired by the daily reports of many newborn babies found in trash cans, drains, after their mothers abandoned them.


The book, published by Refined Talent Entertainment in May, consists of 136 pages and costs R180.


Mongi points out that the book is his contribution to the education and awareness of women to many of the stipulated rights they have.


He says, according to Act 92 of 1996, women had the right to terminate pregnancies.


He says the book follows the lives of four women who ended up in unplanned pregnancy.


“The four pregnant women had a hard time considering continuing or terminating their pregnancies.


“Backyard clinics were not an option tforthem.


“Through research and information provided by friends, they have learned that termination is their legal right.”


Mongi pointed out that from this book, readers will learn that carrying pregnancy is not the only choice that women have.


“Our Government listened and heard the cries of women whose wombs were damaged by illegal abortion clinics and in their backyards.


“The government made it legal for them to terminate their pregnancies in a safe environment should the circumstances call for that.


“In this book, they will learn more about where to go for their pregnancy termination.

“Health professionals will also be informed about their rights to refuse to execute the termination,” he said.


Mongi is also author of an educational book titled, ‘I’M DYSLEXIC NOT STUPID’.


The book discusses the issues of disorders, disabilities and other challenges children face in school and at home.


He is also the author of a short story titled ‘ WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND’, published by Botsotso Publishing.


He also wrote books called ‘AGAINST THE WALL’, ‘GENDER BASED VIOLENCE’ and From the Children’s Eye’.


Mongi was born and bred in Umtata, Eastern Cape. He moved to Lyndhurst, Johannesburg in the late 90s, where he studied Performance Art, Film making and later studied Comprehensive Writing.


He has worked with underprivileged children in Alexandra and is currently donating his new book to the township schools.


He currently resides in Orange Grove, where he is a founding member of a Lean/Codeine awareness campaign and is a member of the steering committee.


He is also Chairman of the Norwood Community Policing Forum Sector 4.


When asked about his advice, he replied: “To youth and people in general, always be curious and willing to learn.


“Never waste a day without learning something new. Information is power… find it.”

He can be reached at: 081 579 9919 /081 342 6788
Email: mongimaphipha@gmail.com
Facebook: Mongi Maphipha_Author & on Refined Talent
Twitter: Mongi_Maphipha
LinkedIn: Mongi Maphipha

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