Gomora TV here to stay

By Jonk wa Mashamba


It was a blessing in disguise when Gundo Mulaudzi lost his job in a TV industry.


Had it not occurred, he would not have established Gomora TV, an online platform based in Alex.


Gundo is only 24, but his expertise is oversized and has already given a hectic challenge to those who are 40 years with tiny brains.


When he was informed that his services were no longer needed, he pondered on the exact meaning of retrenchment and came with a solution to create jobs.


Alexandra had a similar platform called Alex TV, but it mysteriously vanished into the thin air…only its equipment can be traced to Alexandra ICT Marlboro, waiting to grow legs!


Asked what Gomora TV would offer, which the defunct Alex TV failed to offer, the enormous dreamer said: “Alex TV never aired anything on satellite TV and did nothing for the community, instead people benefitted themselves.”


Gomora TV is comprised of 22 creative young people from the township who some have worked in the TV industry and also lost jobs due to Covid-19. Gundo said the youths decided to create employment for themselves.


“We are working towards making Gomora TV a reality. We are currently on YouTube and we hope to go mainstream.”


Gundo doesn’t have formal media qualification but he gained experience when he worked with cameras at Halleluiah Ministries and Rivers of Living Water TVs.


He also worked at defunct The New Age Breakfast show broadcast on SABC 2. During those times, he would shoot government campaigns including international music shows.


“Gomora TV was born during the Covid-19. When I lost my job, I was like, there’s a lot to do for my community and there are lot of untold stories in the community and which can make good publicity,” said Gundo.


He used his retrenchment package to fund the six months project since Gomora TV does not have any sponsorship.


“We also contribute money among ourselves to maintain the vision.” He said he was aiming at uplifting the community and show the world what Gomorra had to offer.


“We aim to create job opportunities for the young people in the township,” he said.

For more information please contact 060 581 7588/ 063 219 5091