June 28, 2022

Khumalo’s love for soccer

By Jonk wa Mashamba

While his peers are mostly found on the wrong side of the law, Katlego Khumalo does whatever it takes to develop his soccer talent. We met with the 23-year-old man in an exclusive venue, to find out what are his dreams on soccer.

The Alex-born-star started playing soccer professionally at the age of sixteen in 2013. He was discovered by the coach known as Mox.
He joined Malandela Mighty Heroes in 2020 from Alex United and the rest is history!

With unwavering support of his mother Cynthia, Khumalo says there were lots of things he has achieved through diski.

“I’m still looking forward to achieving more in my career m,” he said

After his matriculation, he enrolled level 1 Business management course at South West College.

His advice to his peers:
“They must always get themselves involved with any sport or activity.
“No matter what circumstances might be, l always give them advice to push themselves to the highest level and they mustn’t give up.”