July 2, 2022

5 thoughts on “Member of Dudula released from hospital after being shot in the head during Dudula operation at Pan

  1. It is so disappointing that headless chicken leader like Julius choose to defend illegal foreigners than those who voted him into parliament SAns let us honour those who solidarity with us during these bad times by voting for them. We can’t nurse malema’s ego of becoming president of united state of Africa. Vote him back to farming.

  2. Mandela place in Johannesburg fresh produce market ANC and EFF are allocating foreign nationals infront of SOUTH AFRICAN because SOUTH AFRICAN has no money to pay bribe.

  3. Keep up the good work leadership im a full supporter of Dudula operation let our member be well and released after being shot we will fight untill our country is free

  4. You ae busy looking for foreigners, whilst foreigners are busy looking for money common sense. This time we won’t fold we are prepared to fight back, is your politicians who are failing you and you take it on. Us. God will be on our side. We’ll will fight until this country ruins. We are the children of soil.

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