June 28, 2022

2 thoughts on “Worker’s hand chopped by machine at work

  1. I was also injured at Truda Foods on the 11 November 2020,after couple of weeks I was fired for negligence hence I provided enough evidence and 2 witnesses on my behalf ,they testified but they turned a blind eye to to their testimony ,I still have pictures and recordings of the 2 hearings where they claimed that they lost the CCTV FOOTAGE ,when I requested for it,everything that was said on that day ,I recorded it .Please I would like you to publish my story ,they have sent a letter from their attorneys that prohibit me from posting about them claiming that I am ruining the company’s reputation ,they were concerned and worried because they new that everything I shared on facebook was true ,and I also people who were injured at work and not compensated .for mor whatsapp 0825980044

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